The Show Must Go On


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Original airdateOctober 4, 2015

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Written byBarbara Hall

Directed byMorgan Freeman

"There But for the Grace of God""The Doability Doctrine"


While flying over the Pacific Ocean Air Force One has lost communication. With its fate unknown an acting president is needed and a series of other events results in Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord being the highest ranked on the order of presidential succession and is sworn in as acting President of the United States.

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Morgan Freeman as Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

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Madam Secretary Season 2 (20152016)

201. "The Show Must Go On"
202. "The Doability Doctrine"
203. "The Rusalka"
204. "Waiting for Taleju"
205. "The Long Shot"
206. "Catch and Release"
207. "You Say You Want a Revolution"
208. "Lights Out"

209. "Russian Roulette"
210. "The Greater Good"
211. "Unity"
212. "The Greater Good"
213. "Invasive Species"
214. "Left of the Boom"
215. "Right of the Boom"
216. "Hijriyyah"

217. "Higher Learning"
218. "On the Clock"
219. "Desperate Remedies"
220. "Ghost Detainee"
221. "Connection Lost"
222. "Render Safe"
223. "Vartius"

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