Conrad Dalton
Conrad Dalton.jpg
45th President of the United States
Vice President Mark Delgado
Personal details
Born Conrad Dalton
United States of America
Nationality American
Spouse(s) Lydia Dalton
Children Harrison Dalton
Residence The White House
Profession President of the United States

The Presidency of Conrad Dalton began when he became the President of the United States.


Cabinet appointeesEdit

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The Dalton Cabinet
Office Name Term
President Conrad Dalton2013–present
Vice President Mark Delgado2013–2017
Teresa Hurst2017–present
Secretary of State Vincent Marsh2013–2014
Elizabeth McCord2014–present
Secretary of Defense Gordon Becker2013–present
Attorney General Mary Campbell2013–2015
Louise Cronenberg2015–present
Chief of Staff Russell Jackson2013–present
National Security Advisor Darren Hahn2013–2015
Craig Sterling2015–2015Ellen Hill2016–present
Chairman of the
Joint Chiefs of Staff
Adm. Ellen Hill2011–2015
Gen. Reeves2015–present
Director of National Intelligence Ephraim Ware2013–present
Director of the
Central Intelligence Agency
Andrew Munsey2013–2015
Sean Williams2015–present
Political offices
Preceded by
President of the United States
Succeeded by